A Street Cat Named Bob Book Review

I hadn’t come across this book until the film was released in cinemas and I didn’t C8aWmPOXYAA3L2A.jpg-largeget chance to go and see it. I often do a charity shop book raid once a month to see what little gems I can pick up and this book was one of them. This title made me curious so I had to buy it.

The Goodreads and Amazon reviews for this book are a little hit and miss due to the copy and people commenting on its repetition. Just shut up. How can you expect someone who has had a difficult life since their teenage years to be an expert writer. That’s it, you’ve realised that it is quite unlikely.

I wasn’t sure what to expect and had no idea what the book was going to be about but I got into it straight away. Yes I do judge the way things are written but with this book I didn’t, I carried on and ignored what errors I’d just read. The way James introduced himself and his new best friend Bob was great, it was the perfect way to start a story.

It was very important for James to highlight how the homeless and vulnerable have to live on a daily basis. I have never been in this position but from walking the streets of London and seeing people on the street desperate for food, money and a home is heartbreaking. This book gives you a very good insight into that lifestyle. I felt happy when James came across Bob, I knew things would work out for them in the end! They are such an inspiring pair that go through a hell of a lot together but still walk around with smiles on their faces.

When James wrote about taking on the role as a Big Issue vendor – my way of thinking changed forever. Firstly, I was shocked. I have never known anything about the Big Issue Magazine but knowing its how the homeless and vulnerable get back on their feet will make me think twice about saying no when walking past. The vendors have to buy their magazines in order to make money – this made me sad.

I think everyone should give this book a read. After reading this I really do feel differently towards choosing to ignore those that are trying to change their lives.


I Hate That You Bloody Left Me Book Review

This is Heather Hill’s second novel and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I Hate That You Bloody Left Me is about three widows who embark on a journey to the Scottish Highlands. They all have their own story within the book and I think that is important when including more than one main character.


IHTYBLM is aimed at a more senior audience rather than a 23-year-old female but I have to say I didn’t care that I may be too young to read it. I liked it.

The characters are called Joanna-Rose, Fleur and Cathy and they meet through a group for widows. I am so pleased they met Fleur because she is a fantastic character, she adds so much to the book and makes me want to meet her in real life. I want a friend like Fleur!! The females are very different to one another but soon become great friends as they take a trip to Islay – I am not telling you why they go there.

For me the book was funny and it wasn’t predictable at all, I think this is one of the rare occasions with a book that I haven’t thought ‘oh well I know what is going to happen next.’ Bonus points for Heather Hill! Also, the research put into the book is greatly noticed. By having this knowledge it makes the book seem more real and you can visualise the surroundings.

One of the most important parts of the book focused on one of the main characters and us discovering something about her. The issues highlighted by Heather Hill within the book really portray people’s behaviour in today’s society. Reading it frustrated me but it is an opinion so many have and one I think Heather has tried to put out there to change. Thank you for doing this.

Yes in parts I did feel it could have been a little shorter because it dragged on but I still continued to read the book as I wanted to know what the outcome was. After finishing the book, I was left with a smile on my face and it ended exactly how I wanted it to end. I was not disappointed!

I highly recommend downloading this book from the Amazon Kindle store. It is currently free from 15th – 20th October so let me know if you have downloaded it!

I Hate That You Bloody Left Me


Recommended Kindle books please

Since being made redundant I have turned into a gigantic bookworm again. This is great for me because I’m getting lost in books and I love it! However, I have two weeks left in France (I am so sad that I’m leaving) and I am looking for Kindle book recommendations.

I was able to borrow The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold from the local library in Sierentz but they only have about 10 English books so I need some digital books to read. I’m nearly half way through this book and I love the detail of the characters, situations and basically the whole story so far, it is an incredible book to read.

My list that I have read since August minus the kids books:

1) The Sound by Sarah Alderson
2) The Wrong Knickers by Bryony Gordon
3) The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
4) Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey (only just started)
5) The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold (currently reading)
6) I Hate That You Bloody Left Me by Heather Hill

From 15th October for 5 days, I Hate That You Bloody Left Me by Heather Hill will be free to download. Make sure you click the link above to download it, it is currently £1.99 and a great spend!

So if you have something you’ve seen on the Amazon store or that you have on your Kindle, please comment below and I’ll check them out! If you’re an author and would like me to read your book and review it, there is a contact form in my ‘About Me’ section.

Get spamming with some fantastic books  🙂