Why you should relax – do it!

I have recently been suffering with a very painful back, shoulders and neck due to the chair at work not giving me the support I need. However, I decided to visit my local beautician for an Indian Head Massage. I have had one of these before and I felt so much better afterwards, my head was clear, the knots in my back had gone and my mood lifted. With the impressive results last time I thought that it might help me this time and my word it really did.

What is an Indian Head Massage?

Well I can’t give you an actual definition because I don’t know the meaning. Jasmine, my beautician from Beauty at Pelo, Swadlincote only charges a bargain price of £25 for one hour and fifteen minutes of absolute heaven. Your shoulders, back and neck are lightly covered in an oil to soften the skin. There is a lot of thumb and arm work involved during the massage. Today I could feel the knots crunching and I had so many of them – no wonder I was in pain. You should have seen the smile on my face as they were being demolished! Plus, I had relaxation music on in the background so I got to completely switch off from the world, it was wonderful.

The session then moves onto your head and face. AHH I love my hair being played with, love it love it love it. This is another reason I choose to have an Indian Head Massage because your whole scalp is massaged and then she moves onto circular techniques on your face (if you suffer with migraines, give this a go).

I never want it to end, I honestly cannot say how better I feel, I have a clear mind, my back, neck and shoulders are no longer in pain and I’m in a great mood! If you have a beautician please consider this if the option is available. I just want to say a big thank you to Jasmine for being such a lovely lady, she’s really helped me today.


The Longest Holiday Book Review

The Longest Holiday is written by British author Paige Toon. I had never come across this author before but this book popped up on my Amazon store as it was available to download for free so I thought why the heck not? It turns out I’m glad I did download it because I was hooked from day one.

Laura is the main character who discovers an awful secret which means she needs to escape. I connected with Laura, I thought she was a well thought out character and you instantly sympathise with her. In a way, I wanted a friend like Laura because she’s interesting. The way it was written made me want to be there for her and embark on her next adventure to America with Marty and Bridget.

There were parts of the book where I got frustrated with Laura because I wanted her to make up with Matthew and for it to be all hunky-dory. I was rooting for her to go back to England and forget everything ever happened but that didn’t happen at all.

Whilst Laura is in America, she meets a man called Leo. Now Leo in my mind is quite a good-looking fellow and I want to see him on film just to say ‘holy moly’ ha. I don’t know why I became obsessed with Laura and Leo but I needed to know more so I kept on reading whenever I had the chance.

As I always say, I will NOT give away any clues as to what happens in this book because I want you to support the author and go buy their book. I just want you to know that the twist towards the end will shock you, well it shocked me. It made me carry on reading until the end, I couldn’t put it down!!

For me I give this book five stars and I am really looking forward to reading more from Paige Toon.

My invisible illness means I am just fine

I have written a post before about my Joint Hypermobility and how everyone is extremely judgemental when it comes to a young person sitting down on public transport without considering others. Wait, no that is not the case. You have no idea that I could be needing this seat and to be honest I do not need to justify myself to anyone. Readers thoughts ‘Oh God she’s off ranting again.’ YES I FRICKEN AM!

As you know I have had to take on a Christmas Temp job in retail because no bloody soul will give me a nice office job. Thing is, it is making me ill again and I have no motivation to do anything else because I am physically exhausted – YAY thanks Fibromyalgia you bitch. STOP telling me working in retail is easy because 1) it is not, I have to put up with people speaking to me like dirt 2) I work unnecessariliy over the Christmas period so people can buy ‘bargains’ – don’t do this please and 3) everyday takes its toll on my joints despite what I might be doing.

For example, yesterday I worked 09:30 – 17:30 which is a normal day, not too long and I have done this many times before. However, for some reason my body decided to hate me and cause me to be in that much pain I needed to take Codeine but I forced myself to not go down the painkiller route. I hobble around, I shut myself down because my mood is incredibly low and people will think it is because of them but it really isn’t. This is where the Fibro kicks in, I am that drained I can’t concentrate and make little mistakes. I forget how to spell, I forget what I am doing, previously forgotten how to say certain words and my eyes feel constantly blury when I look around. You might say ‘Oh you’re just tired, put your feet up and get an early night.’ Yeah okay I’ll take your advice and see how it doesn’t cure me. Never thought of that before.

Today I feel awful hence why I am writing this blog post as I can’t cope with people saying I have it easy and that my job is a ‘piece of piss’. Yeah it might be and I enjoy my job even though I am looking for an alternative but why should I go out, work my ass off to come home and be ill when so many people can work and just can’t be arsed to get off their backside so they claim. <– Ah sorry for the long sentence. Ergh, I am not entitled to any sort of PIP because I’m not severe enough but I still go to bloody work.

Point of this post is, I am angry people are telling me I’ll be fine or yeah just apply for anything cos it’ll be better than what you’re doing now. I don’t think so, my manager is so understanding and whilst I am looking for a Social Media / Marketing Assistant job I am still scared that an office job will tire me out. Just watch what you’re saying before making assumptions please.

I want to work at home doing what I love, that’s all I want.

My goals for 2017

This year has been pretty crazy for me as a lot has happened with my career and where I was living. Most will know I quit one job to become a Content Writer and then I was made redundant as a Content Writer to then jetting off to France for six weeks to work as an au pair. Yep, I am a little explorer and I have got to say whilst I was away from the UK and work it was the most incredible experience and to be honest I would go again.

I will admit that since I have come back to the UK my mood has been quite low because I am not progressing with things. I am lucky in a sense to be working as a Temporary Christmas Sales Assistant as it is a source of income but unfortunately it isn’t a lot.

So what will I be changing?

This list is one I need to look back on in a years time and see what changes I made and how far I came. It is so strange that the next year of my life is completely unpredictable and it is quite exciting.

  • Get a job in what I want to do (media, social media or marketing)
  • Continue to grow my Avon and making it a success
  • Go on holiday with Michael
  • Buy a new car
  • Read more books
  • Lose weight (I say this every flipping month)
  • I want to concentrate on my blog more and make it bigger and better!
  • Visit more places at the weekends

I do think these goals are achievable and I will work extremely hard to get there. I can’t let my current situation ruin my self-esteem and mood.

What are your 2017 goals?

How to fall asleep without taking tablets

Are you tired and tired of taking pills to help you sleep? Well I have been struggling to sleep for a while now, I’m tired during the day but then when I get into bed I feel like I could stay awake for another hour or two. It starts to take its toll on you, bags are getting darker under my eyes, mood swings and finally, my energy is completely sucked from my body. Yep, if you’ve ticked all of those boxes like me then I may have something that could help you – read on.


So since joining Avon I have been able to experiment with various products that they sell. I came across the ‘Pillow Sleep Mist’ with the free Avon products I received and now I can’t be without it!

How does it work?

Well I spray it 3-4 times on either side of my pillow and the lavender scent instantly relaxes your mind. For me I have been able to fall asleep within 15-20 minutes of using this rather than an hour later. It has 5 star ratings on the Avon website and I am yet to review it because I have slept all the way through the night. I wake up feeling refreshed and so pleased that I wasn’t disturbed.

If you would like to purchase this, please visit: http://www.avon.uk.com/store/SJSMITH-Shop and type in ‘sleep mist’ in the search bar.

The dangers of Asthma

I have had Asthma for aslong as I can remember, I was diagnosed as a child with it and didn’t fully understand the seriousness of the condition. I struggled through school with my Asthma and often hated doing P.E as I was scared something would happen to me.

It is important to go to the doctors with any symptoms you may have. I recently went to a walk in centre due to pains in my chest and needing my inhaler, I thought it was Asthma related because it was uncomfortable to breath. After an examination it was a sprained rib muscle but I felt so silly for going and wasting the doctors time. They told me not to be silly, Asthma is serious and if something is different then get it checked out!

Having  Asthma can be a full-time job in itself. You have to take medication everyday, you have to be careful with what you eat or drink and what activities you do. For me my Asthma is fairly mild but previously I have been in hospital due to a big Asthma attack – one of the scariest moments in my life.

I am not sure if people take  Asthma seriously but knowing that an attack could kill me absolutely horrifies me. Smoking is something I cannot stand and something I will never take up. My opinions are quite strong on this subject but when I’m left on my own and have no choice but to go into the smoking area, it is not fun for me. I can be fine there and then but the next morning I am coughing, my chest hurts and I need my inhaler more than usual. It is difficult to make people understand that smoking and Asthma do not gel and I am not being dramatic when I say I don’t want to go with you.

There are two reasons I do not go out for Bonfire Night, the first one being I hate fireworks, they are too loud for me and hurt my ears! The second is the smoke in the air from the fire and fireworks. Smoke fills the air and you breathe in and there it is, a wheezy chest. I commented the other day without sounding like a mardy moo with how I was struggling with my breathing from just stepping outside for 30 seconds. Bonfire Fire night doesn’t just affect pets, it also affects humans.

Now it is winter, I am really struggling in the mornings to breathe as my room is extremely stuffy because of my radiator being on. I love winter but it really affects my chest and I avoid doing big activities during the season – so I’m not being lazy by the way before you pre-judge.

Just a note, please be aware of those that do have Asthma and take into consideration that anything can trigger breathing difficulties. It may seem daft but me having orange squash a little too strong makes my chest wheeze. Anything can happen so be careful!

For more information about triggers and how to deal with Asthma, please use this link to be directed to the official Asthma website:


First week as an Avon Rep

I have to say my first week as an Avon Representative has gone exceptionally well. My friends have been extremely supportive and have placed such large orders which has helped me reach over the HOV target. Thank you to you all!

Today was a little disheartening because every Avon brochure I picked up from a house, not one person ordered. I know it happens but it was just a little meh. Hopefully when I drop off more brochures to other houses I might receive an order even if it is £2.

I am really looking forward to kicking ass with this new venture and I have even gotten myself some stickers printed for my order forms. I got a little excited because I love stationery eeek.

If you would like to order from myself you can use my online shop and it will be delivered to your house either for free (a 4 mile radius from me) or to your house for a small charge. It’d be lovely if you could like my Facebook page!

My online shop: https://www.avon.uk.com/store/SJSMITH-shop

My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AvonBySJSMITH